Our goal is to create the best racing simulators in the world. For this we need intelligent, creative and talented people. Want to be with us?


You have a unique opportunity to become part of a large and friendly team of people who realize their creative ideas and bring joy to their users from all over the world.


Are you energetic, purposeful and feel enough strength to participate in the development of racing simulators? Maybe it’s you who will suit us, in order to realize their creative plans.

(Русский) Senior Developer Unity3d

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

Middle Developer Unity3d

CarX Technologies is looking for a Unity programmer to develop a project in the genre of car racing.We are looking for an experienced developer who can implement himself in the solution of difficult and ambitious tasks.


  • Technical development of the client’s part of the mobile 3D project.
  • Ensure the cleanliness and performance of the code.
  • Decomposition of large tasks and planning of work within the development team.
  • Porting the project on PS4, Nintendo.


  • Issued projects in the portfolio.
  • Development of the project’s architecture, coordination of client / server interaction.
  • Understanding the limits that Unity and mobile platforms impose.
  • Strong knowledge of GIT.


  • Ability to work remotely.
  • Readiness to work on SCRUM-methodology.
  • Offices in Moscow and Krasnodar.
Middle Java Backend Developer

CarX Technologies Company is looking for a Java programmer to develop backend projects of the company in the genre of car racing on mobile platforms and PC. We are looking for a developer who is ready to develop his skills and is able to implement himself in the context of solving difficult and ambitious tasks.

Good knowledge and skills are a must have:

  • Java 8
  • Spring (IoC)
  • SQL (Hibernate)
  • Algorithms and data structures

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with the SmartFox platform
  • Experience with NoSQL databases
  • Experience with AWS infrastructure
  • Experience with Vaadin
  • Experience in developing REST-services
  • Knowledge of Akka
  • Knowledge of AspectJ
  • Linux Skills


  • Ability to work remotely
  • Offices in Moscow and Krasnodar.
(Русский) UI-дизайнер игровых интерфейсов

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(Русский) 3D A‎rtist

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

Game designer

CarX Technologies

We invite a talented and ambitious specialist to implement himself within our company. You will work on a major project in the segment of racing mobile games.

What do we want to see in the candidate (our requirements):

  • experience in the mobile games sphere, involvement in 1-2 successful projects on iOS or Android platforms as a technical designer;
  • the ability to reveal the core of the idea in the technical documentation for further development and understanding by the other participants of the project;
  • understanding of the physical model of the car (standard and advanced auto physics), the ability to model the behavior of gaming components;
  • basic acquaintance with development tools, Unity 3D, Photoshop, databases;
  • knowledge of the game industry, mobile games market and the automotive racing segment (simulators).

Advantages will be (in addition):

  • understanding the f2p model of project monetization;
  • mathematical apparatus;
  • technical knowledge of English.

What you should do (tasks):

  • preparation and adjustment of balance models;
  • fine-tuning the current core- and meta-mechanics;
  • adjustment of the economic model of monetization;
  • adjustment of physical parameters of cars through the game engine;
  • adapt the project for PS4, Nintendo
  • readiness to work in Scrum-methodology.

What we offer (our conditions):

  • freedom and open conditions for the realization of your ideas;
  • work in a project team with a minimum of approvals and bureaucracy;
  • obligatory professional and personal growth;
  • registration according with Labor Code;
  • flexible mode of operation, remote work.
Game Tester

CarX Technologies
We invite a talented tester to work remotely.
You will test major projects in the segment of racing mobile games.
Your task will be testing the game project.

What we want to see in the candidate:

  • Love for racing games;
  • Ability to clearly state your thoughts in writing;
  • Responsibility and efficiency;
  • Analytical mindset and attention to details;

It is important to have your own mobile devices

What you should do:

  • Test applications (iOS, Android);
  • Compose bug-reports;
  • Draw up reports on the work done.

What do we offer:

  • Work with an interesting project;
  • Remote work (part-time work).

An additional plus will be:

  • Love for the games segment of car racing (simulators).