CarX Drift Racing 2 – update 1.3.0

Update 1.3.0 is already available in AppStore and Google Play, which brings many changes.

What’s new:


  • The Garage has been updated;
  • New styles for Bimmy P30, Asura M1, DTM 46, Horizon GT4, Loki 4M;
  • Two new cars: VZ 210 & Hunter;
  • Now every car has its own suspension! Paint your springs, control arms, calipers or suspension rack;
  • Choose between three types of tires with a different grip level;
  • New tasks and achievements;
  • Added new XDS config for improved experience;
  • Tracks will now feel more realistic with more uneven surface;
  • New sponsored vinyls are available for more personalized looks;
  • Earn a certain achievement to get a limited series “Slap” vinyl;
  • Added tutorial that helps make a good start;
  • New replay cameras;
  • Rewards for social activities;
  • Added new tracks in the Multiplayer mode;
  • Rendering algorithm has been improved to make sure you get to see a better picture with less pressure on your CPU;
  • Overall optimization and bug fixing;